N2n vpn bridge

n2n vpn bridge

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n2n is a light VPN software which makes it easy to create virtual networks bypassing intermediate firewalls. In order to start using n2n, two elements are. n2n is a small layer 2 vpn based on the ideas of modern p2p systems. It creates only shared key security, which should be enough for freifunk. Download N2N Edge GUI for free. N2N Edge GUI is a basic installer and GUI configuration screen for the peer-to-peer 'n2n' VPN solution.
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Because my need is to ensure that three portable devices 2 laptops, 1 android phone always have access to the same private LAN and any services hosted by the devices on that LAN. That's why few updates. It doesn't need an ip, you can make a bridge. Suppose you call it mynetwork. Throughput was surprisingly good, even on an old MHz CPU, so even though I hear people talking about needing something faster, I can't imagine other tunneling methods being measurably faster, unless they're using weaker encryption.