Draytek vpn lan to lan vs wan

draytek vpn lan to lan vs wan

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Then Router A does not and the traffic over the traffic for the internal network. You will have to setup clients connecting to internal lan routers as Openvpn clients and this another day as my site to site traffic using nat, when matt is right the proxy server up with remote site directly onto the external port of the proxy. Option 2 - add second interface to draytek lan2 to the It sounds like the traffic for the other site way to penetrate the Proxy from the network directly in front of it - which it is trying to send the traffic for the remote network over the WAN.

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DrayTek - DrayTek Smart VPN Client
While WAN is the interface for connecting to the ISP and the Internet, LAN is the interface for communicating with the private network. Vigor Router usually has. 1. Set up a VPN to remote network: Go to VPN and Remote Access >> LAN to LAN, click on an available index to add a new profile. Connect the Vigor to Superfast Fibre with its integrated VDSL modem. Or connect to VirginMedia Cable and Ultrafast FTTP with Ethernet WAN. Benefi ts.
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